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Polish Dating in Netherlands

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Polish Girls & Men Data on Facebook: Know your chances of dating a Polish in Netherlands

The Netherlands is not just about tulips. It is now also home to lots of Polish immigrant girls and men who are looking for love. The key to success is an interesting profile on a dating site that will attract your soul mate. However, before you start creating it, check some useful data. They will prove to you that finding a partner is not so difficult!

Number of Polish People in Holland by Sex & Age Group on Facebook

Age Group	Male	Female	Total	Female %
18-30		47,000	40,000	87,000	46%
31-40		33,000	24,000	57,000	42%
41-50		12,000	12,000	24,000	50%
51+		5,800	6,800	12,600	54%

Over 180,000 Facebook profiles belong to Polish people in the Netherlands. The whole community is spread in many Dutch cities.

Number of Polish People from All Ages by Sex in Holland by City on Facebook

City		Male	Female	Total	Female %
Hague		13,000	13,000	26,000	50%
Rotterdam	14,000	12,000	26,000	46%
Amsterdam	8,800	8,200	17,000	48%
Eindhoven	6,200	5,300	11,500	46%
*Data taken from Facebook; all numbers show members of Facebook

The most Polish people live in Hague and Rotterdam. In each city, the number of Polish facebook accounts is estimated at 26,000. Slightly fewer Poles have chosen Amsterdam as their destination (here 48% of Polish emigrants are ladies) - 17,000 people. The last place on our list is Eindhoven, with 11,000 accounts belonging to Poles.

By far the largest group of emigrants are young people, aged 18 to 30. That's 87,000 people, among which there are singles ready for dates. Most of them are men, 46% of them are women, so men have a chance to find someone just right for themselves. It is a group of young, ambitious people looking for a foreign career and open to the chances offered by the Netherlands. If you are one of them - you will certainly find someone here who, like you, is not afraid of challenges.

The second largest group are people aged 31-40, but it is also the group with the lowest percentage of women. Out of 57,000 people, only 42% are ladies. However, this does not exclude the possibility of finding a partner, especially if we look into cities such as Hague or Rotterdam, where the percentage of women is the highest. And 54% of the smallest group - people aged 51+ belongs to Polish women.

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