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Polish Girls & Men Data on Facebook: Know your chances of dating a Polish in USA

Almost 200,000 of Facebook accounts are those of Polish men and women living in the United States. And this data will give you a good idea about whether you might have a better chance for Polish dating in the USA as a man or girl.

Number of Polish People in USA by Sex & Age Group on Facebook

Age Group	Male	Female	Total	Female %
18-30		21,000	30,000	51,000	59%
31-40		22,000	35,000	57,000	61%
41-50		16,000	24,000	40,000	60%
51+		19,000	31,000	50,000	62%

It seems that in all age groups, there is a similar number of people - from 40 to 57 thousand. The most numerous group are people from 31 to 40 years of age, that is those born in the period of opening global borders – 57,000 Facebook users. It is possible that this group is the result of the first attempts of global life, global careers and trips for work of Polish people in 1980s and 1990s. The smallest group, in turn, are people aged 41 to 51 with 40,000 people.

City		Male	Female	Total	Female %
Chicago		24,000	35,000	59,000	59%
New York	15,000	23,000	38,000	61%
Los Angeles	1,500	2,200	3,700	59%
Phoenix		900	1,200	2,100	57%
Philadelphia	900	1,200	2,100	57%
*Data taken from Facebook; all numbers show members of Facebook

No one is surprised that the most accounts of Polish facebooks are opened in Chicago (50,000 accounts). It is a city that is famous for its thriving Polish national minority. The least is us in Phoenix and Philadelphia - just over 2,000 accounts for each city.

It is great news for the guys, as in all age groups and cities, there is a significant surplus of Polish girls, there is around 10% extra Polish ladies in Polish communities. So, USA is the best place to have a better chance to meet Polish girls who most probably have difficulty to find enough Polish men!

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